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                PRODUCTS LIST


                CONTACT US


                  Address:No.137 Shandong Road, Rizhao,  Shandong ,China


                  E-mail: 2756231998@qq.com  

                  Csh:400-633-5695  (Sales)

                  Tel:+86-633-3695855 (Sales)


                ABOUT US

                Shandong HaoYang seaweed industry co., LTD. was established in 2009, and is located in the bridgehead of the Eurasian continent. It is a professional enterprise which mainly produces printing paste, sodium alginate. The company has made many changes including introducing advanced equipment and technology at home and abroad. And now it has the production capacity of 3000 tons of sodium alginate and 2,800 tons of printing paste per year.

                Company elite in both technical force and the research and development ability. The provincial level technology development center brings together a group of top 20 professionals in the field of textile dyeing and printing for many years which was engaged in scientific research work in the city. HaoYang company,as the leader of the industry, has created a good technical team in order to provide the world-class products, technical support and after-sales service.



                Sodium alginate
                Sodium alginate
                Sodium alginate
                Food grade sodium...
                Printing and dyei...
                Industrial grade s...
                Printing paste
                Seaweed preserva...